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Using Trend Intelligence to Guide Innovation

Sarah Leslie customer experience ideation innovation trends

In this era of rapid technological change it can be comforting to reflect that basic human needs remain fairly constant. With some updates over the years, Abraham Maslow's famous hierarchy still holds good some 75 years on since first inception. Beyond our basic physiological needs and our need for safety, we seek to satisfy the increasingly higher order needs for belonging, self esteem, meaning, beauty, self-actualisation and transcendence. What changes is how these needs can be satisfied, driven by changes in our external environment, whether societal, economic or technological. An avalanche of new technologies is currently driving unprecedented potential to unlock novel ways of addressing peoples' fundamental and not so fundamental human needs.  Trend...

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Humanising the Future Technology Interface

Sarah Leslie customer experience futurecasting innovation

Over the last decade or so, we’ve moved quite swiftly towards a state whereby we expect to be able to interact with our personal devices and technology in general by means of touching and swiping a screen rather than having to interact with often tiny keyboards and other such mechanical interfaces. Moreover, through the gaming world of Wii, PlayStation Move and Microsoft Kinect, we’re also becoming accustomed to merely gesturing (in front of a camera) in the expectation of executing commands, incorporating more natural behaviours of physical motion within a defined space. As we move towards the age of the...

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Empathy Driven Customer Experience

Sarah Leslie customer experience design thinking innovation

I recently came across an app which embodies true empathy, not to mention concern, for human behaviour. Created by New York-based artist and designer, Ekene Ijeoma, 'Look Up' is designed to engage with pedestrians who are often so absorbed in their mobile world that they risk their own safety by failing to look up as they cross the street. The app uses GPS to determine when a user is nearing an intersection, and on approach, an image of abstracted eyeballs appears on screen, lights up and the phone begins to vibrate. Not only that, using data from a government database, the app signals the relative danger of the approaching intersection, conveying the number of injuries and fatalities...

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Outcome Driven Innovation

Sarah Leslie customer experience innovation jobs to be done

Focusing on outcomes is a popular mantra in businesses today, and it lies at the heart of outcome-driven innovation methodology. In the book 'What Customers Want', Anthony Ulwick proposed that rather than being customer-driven, innovation should be outcome-driven, based on these tenets: Customers - whether consumers or businesses - buy products and services to help them complete jobs or tasks Customers may use a wide variety of performance measures to evaluate the outcomes - how well a product or service performs in this regard If follows that an understanding both exactly what customers want - what jobs they are trying to get done - and the performance measures that matter for different customer...

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Ready to Wear Now: Leading a Luxury Retail Revolution

Sarah Leslie customer experience innovation leadership retail

Delivering a superior customer experience doesn't always require digital innovation, but it does require a clear and constant focus on the needs and rapidly changing expectations of your primary customer. Iconic British luxury brand Burberry has undergone a complete transformation within the last decade. In the mid 1990's, it was synonymous with high quality trenchcoats beloved of a wealthy but conservative clientele. I never anticipated much change from year to year when I visited Burberry's Head Office in East London to review and select pieces from the next season's ranges. As the new millennium dawned, its signarture check was heavily counterfeited and became the uniform of an entirely different market sector, the 'chav'. Then in 2006, Burberry, under...

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