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Joining 2nd Road part of Accenture Strategy

Sarah Leslie design innovation leadership strategy

I'm delighted to be joining the team at 2nd Road, a leading strategic innovation consultancy helping organisations design and deliver new futures, and now part of Accenture Strategy. 2nd Road draws on 25 years of experience providing consulting services in the areas of strategy, innovation, and organisational systems across multiple industries and sectors. The publication of monthly insights on this website will necessarily be placed on hold for the time being.  

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The Value of Design and Design Thinking to Business

Sarah Leslie design design thinking insights

If you've heard about the power of design thinking to drive value creation in any business, not just those involved in creating physical products, but aren't sure quite sure how, here's a short primer. Design used to be associated solely with appearance and aesthetics, with being 'on-trend', where it's value in driving consumer demand is clear. If you consider the marque of car you drive, or the brands of clothing you favour, you probably didn't choose them based solely on a rational basis of price and functionality. You chose them because there was something about the way they make you feel, something in their meaning to you, something in their design. And for that you were prepared to pay a...

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Innovation from Business Design to Product Offering and Customer Experience

Sarah Leslie competitive advantage design innovation

The term innovation is today both overused, and all too often misused. It's regularly confused with invention and it's sometimes assumed that it is concerned only with what is ground-breaking. Neither are true. Innovation is a process through which products, services and experiences that were not previously imagined, and which create value, are delivered. Mention innovation to most people and, invariably, their thoughts will turn first, if not be solely confined, to the product offering, and perhaps the product platform. Yet opportunities for innovation can occur though throughout the value chain - starting 'backstage', within organisations' business design, right through to 'onstage', addressing customers' experience of the products. The advent of each...

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Big Data Visualisation by Design

Sarah Leslie big data design trends

Having a very clear view of your customers and their problems has never been more critical. And in a connected, digital world, knowledge exists before the business question has been asked. That knowledge can be extracted and interpreted from the rivers of data that flow in increasing volume through social networks, ecommerce, and between and within organisations and a burgeoning number of internet connected devices. As digital transformation and flows accelerate, so does the challenge. Beyond extraction is the further challenge of interpreting and communicating the information gleaned in such a way that it has real impact on your audience, whether that be your stakeholders or customers. The goal of data visualization designers is to communicate...

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Design, Digital and Innovation: Driving Profitability and Productivity

Sarah Leslie design design thinking digital innovation productivity

Last week at the annual 'Design as Strategy Forum' in Sydney, a succession of excellent speakers shed light on the transformative power of design in their particular fields, and the value that it can deliver to customers, business, government and society. Even the RAAF. One of the speakers was the eminent economist Professor Ian Harper who, whilst making the case for designing cities and workplaces that are conducive to creativity in order to attract and drive productivity, neatly highlighted the interdependencies of Design, Digital and Innovation. Digital technologies are rapidly and fundamentally undermining the economies of scale that have been central to driving productivity in the industrial age: Distributed Manufacturing....

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