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Superforecasting and Strategic Uncertainty

Sarah Leslie crowdsourcing futurecasting open innovation

It's approaching that time of year when experts in every field feel compelled to share their predictions for the coming year. Inboxes and newsfeeds swell with not only best wishes but articles on 'top ten trends' for 2017. Yet 2016 has been notable for the rise in the distrust of the' expert' view.  The worldview that ' there are no experts', which played out in well documented political events from Brexit to the recent US Presidential Election was, at least to some extent, fuelled by media focus on results gleaned from the ongoing 'Good Judgement Project', published in the 2015 bestseller 'Superforecasting - The Art and Science of Prediction' by behavioural scientists Phillip Tetlock & Dan...

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Humanising the Future Technology Interface

Sarah Leslie customer experience futurecasting innovation

Over the last decade or so, we’ve moved quite swiftly towards a state whereby we expect to be able to interact with our personal devices and technology in general by means of touching and swiping a screen rather than having to interact with often tiny keyboards and other such mechanical interfaces. Moreover, through the gaming world of Wii, PlayStation Move and Microsoft Kinect, we’re also becoming accustomed to merely gesturing (in front of a camera) in the expectation of executing commands, incorporating more natural behaviours of physical motion within a defined space. As we move towards the age of the...

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The Digital Future is Already Here

Sarah Leslie collaboration design digital futurecasting innovation

William Gibson's phrase "the future is already here, its just not evenly distributed" is a personal favourite of mine, currently revived as the tag line of the 2016 Sydney Biennale. And if you want to see the future, in my experience, a visit to Japan is always a good start. From fashion or technology, market discovery trips to Tokyo always yielded strong insights. Last week I had the good fortune to meet Toshiyuki Inoko, the founder of teamLab, the Tokyo based interdisciplinary creative digital studio. I had first come across their mesmerising work at an exhibition in London and eagerly anticipated the opening of their first Australian exhibition*. What is...

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Collaborative Futurecasting in a Digital Marketplace

Sarah Leslie collaboration digital futurecasting open innovation

To thrive in turbulent times requires innovation and agility, both of which demand collaboration. And one of the most significant barriers to collaboration within established organisations is that information and knowledge have long been hoarded as sources of personal power.  This tendency to hoard information and to protect fiefdoms are practices that run contrary to the logic of newly pervasive networking technologies such as social media and open innovation platforms. Such technologies are challenging attitudes about the ownership and the sharing of information and intellectual property, worldviews that have underpinned our collective interactions for centuries. The Guggenheim opened an innovative exhibition last month which allows visitors to...

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