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The Value of Design and Design Thinking to Business

Sarah Leslie design design thinking insights

If you've heard about the power of design thinking to drive value creation in any business, not just those involved in creating physical products, but aren't sure quite sure how, here's a short primer. Design used to be associated solely with appearance and aesthetics, with being 'on-trend', where it's value in driving consumer demand is clear. If you consider the marque of car you drive, or the brands of clothing you favour, you probably didn't choose them based solely on a rational basis of price and functionality. You chose them because there was something about the way they make you feel, something in their meaning to you, something in their design. And for that you were prepared to pay a...

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Matching Amazon for Ambition

Sarah Leslie big data customer journeys innovation insights retail

Having a very clear view of your customers, their problems, the business you're in and how this may be restructured to deliver enhanced value has never been more critical. Agile startups are harnessing innovative technologies to disrupt, transcend and pick off the lucrative elements of businesses posing a threat to every industry. For Australian retailers, one of the greatest perceived threats is the imminent arrival of Amazon - no longer a startup but a behemoth - which continues to pursue a relentless program of agile, lean start up style experimentation as it strives to win across all categories of retail.  Amazon's ambition is to be the 'everything retailer', to generate more revenue that Walmart, and in order to do...

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From Facts, Data and Obersvations to Insights

Sarah Leslie big data competitive advantage insights

There has been a great deal written about how we now live in a 'post-truth' era where  facts and 'alternative facts' battle for mindshare. We're certainly in an age of information overload, where everyone has the ability to broadcast their opinions, and in which our multi-screening attention spans have been observed to have reduced to that of a goldfish*. When it comes to crafting strategy, it's vital to be able to separate facts, data and observations from opinions before you can begin to glean insights, from which you may derive real value. With attention span in mind, some concise definitions: Facts are information based on real occurrences; something that is actually the case. Statistics are used to summarise data...

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