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Prioritizing Innovation Effort: What Customers Really Value

Sarah Leslie competitive advantage innovation jobs to be done prioritization

In deciding where and how to compete, every organisation makes choices about the products and services they will offer, and the strategies they will pursue to get there. Having a well managed, systemised process to evaluate these choices is essential. You likely have many more opportunities to pursue than your resources permit and research indicates that it is your ability to allocate resources based on project merit that most strongly determines your innovation performance. A number of frameworks exist to aid prioritisation of the ideas for development. Their differences in rigour will impact on speed to market, and their suitability for deployment varies according to the scale...

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Outcome Driven Innovation

Sarah Leslie customer experience innovation jobs to be done

Focusing on outcomes is a popular mantra in businesses today, and it lies at the heart of outcome-driven innovation methodology. In the book 'What Customers Want', Anthony Ulwick proposed that rather than being customer-driven, innovation should be outcome-driven, based on these tenets: Customers - whether consumers or businesses - buy products and services to help them complete jobs or tasks Customers may use a wide variety of performance measures to evaluate the outcomes - how well a product or service performs in this regard If follows that an understanding both exactly what customers want - what jobs they are trying to get done - and the performance measures that matter for different customer...

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