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Matching Amazon for Ambition

Sarah Leslie big data customer journeys innovation insights retail

Having a very clear view of your customers, their problems, the business you're in and how this may be restructured to deliver enhanced value has never been more critical. Agile startups are harnessing innovative technologies to disrupt, transcend and pick off the lucrative elements of businesses posing a threat to every industry. For Australian retailers, one of the greatest perceived threats is the imminent arrival of Amazon - no longer a startup but a behemoth - which continues to pursue a relentless program of agile, lean start up style experimentation as it strives to win across all categories of retail.  Amazon's ambition is to be the 'everything retailer', to generate more revenue that Walmart, and in order to do...

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Ready to Wear Now: Leading a Luxury Retail Revolution

Sarah Leslie customer experience innovation leadership retail

Delivering a superior customer experience doesn't always require digital innovation, but it does require a clear and constant focus on the needs and rapidly changing expectations of your primary customer. Iconic British luxury brand Burberry has undergone a complete transformation within the last decade. In the mid 1990's, it was synonymous with high quality trenchcoats beloved of a wealthy but conservative clientele. I never anticipated much change from year to year when I visited Burberry's Head Office in East London to review and select pieces from the next season's ranges. As the new millennium dawned, its signarture check was heavily counterfeited and became the uniform of an entirely different market sector, the 'chav'. Then in 2006, Burberry, under...

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