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Using Trend Intelligence to Guide Innovation

Sarah Leslie customer experience ideation innovation trends

In this era of rapid technological change it can be comforting to reflect that basic human needs remain fairly constant. With some updates over the years, Abraham Maslow's famous hierarchy still holds good some 75 years on since first inception. Beyond our basic physiological needs and our need for safety, we seek to satisfy the increasingly higher order needs for belonging, self esteem, meaning, beauty, self-actualisation and transcendence. What changes is how these needs can be satisfied, driven by changes in our external environment, whether societal, economic or technological. An avalanche of new technologies is currently driving unprecedented potential to unlock novel ways of addressing peoples' fundamental and not so fundamental human needs.  Trend...

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Big Data Visualisation by Design

Sarah Leslie big data design trends

Having a very clear view of your customers and their problems has never been more critical. And in a connected, digital world, knowledge exists before the business question has been asked. That knowledge can be extracted and interpreted from the rivers of data that flow in increasing volume through social networks, ecommerce, and between and within organisations and a burgeoning number of internet connected devices. As digital transformation and flows accelerate, so does the challenge. Beyond extraction is the further challenge of interpreting and communicating the information gleaned in such a way that it has real impact on your audience, whether that be your stakeholders or customers. The goal of data visualization designers is to communicate...

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