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Innovation Strategy

Innovation is the process through which products, services and experiences that were not previously imagined, and which create value, are delivered. Innovation capability distinguishes leaders from followers, and is the only path to truly sustainable, profitable growth.

We're living in turbulent tines, in the early stages of the fourth industrial revolution, where emerging digital technologies present an avalanche of opportunities to transform and innovate business design, product offerings and customer experience.

Most organisations have a goal to be more innovative. Research proves that those with higher level innovation capabilities outperform their peers. Yet many struggle to develop their innovation capability and sustain their innovation effort.

Achieving innovation ambitions requires the disciplined application of a systemic approach. We offer advice to organisations on how to achieve their innovation ambitions through:

  • developing a strategic approach to innovation
  • bench-marking organisational innovation capabilities
  • identifying innovation priorities across short, medium and longer term horizons
  • implementing tools & processes to manage the ideation process & NPD pipeline
  • developing agile protocols to prioritize resourcing of the most valuable concepts