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In an era of rapid technological change, the commoditization of many products and services and slowing global growth, there is a rising imperative for organisations to be able to deliver innovation. 

Having a very clear view of your customers, their problems, the business you're in and how this may be restructured to deliver enhanced value has never been more critical. 

In the digital era the threat is no longer just established competitors, but agile start-ups in the wider arena harnessing innovative technologies which disrupt and transcend industries.

Mobile and connected, businesses and consumers alike have never had more choice in who will supply their products, services and experiences, and through a multitude of new digital channels. 

Your customers must lie at the heart of your innovation strategy, your digital transformation strategy as well your marketing strategy. And all of these must align with and support your overarching business strategy - the set of choices you make that collectively define your position.