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Why building an innovation culture & capability is critical

Big shifts demand new thinking.

Heading into the post-digital era, our systems are deeply inter-connected and the rate of change in the operating environment is accelerating exponentially: a whole range of new digital and bio technologies are rapidly transforming how we live and work; the expectations of people and societies are constantly evolving; and the business ideologies of the last century are being called into question. 

Creating value in the twenty first century requires a shift in mindset from proprietary, linear value chains to open, multi-sided platforms. And shifting worldviews demand that, to prosper over time, organisations must deliver not only financial performance, but do so sustainably whilst making a positive contribution to society. 

The human spirit is inherently creative. Having the organisational ability to harness that creativity to explore and execute on the opportunities that accompany change, rather than fear and succumb to disruption, has never been more critical. Developing the traits expressed by an 'innovators DNA' is key: observing, questioning, networking, experimenting and associating. Learn how →

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