strategic design & innovation

A language and framework for innovation

Innovation is the newest of the management sciences and, as with design, there is often confusion around the meaning, and between the process and the outcomes. If you are to be intentional about driving innovation within your organisation, an essential prerequisite is to establish clarity around the language of innovation.

Innovation process

Innovation is the process through which products, services, experiences that were not previously imagined, and which create new value for both consumers, stakeholders and the organisation, are designed and delivered.

Distinguishing ideas, invention and innovation

Innovation outcomes

Creating new value requires identifying the problems that matter to your customers and stakeholders, and exploring these using a disciplined process to deliver elegantly designed solutions. Leading innovators pursue a portfolio of innovtaion initiatives, strategically aligned to their innovation ambition and weighted to their capability.

Distinguishing different levels of innovation ambition

The greater your innovation ambition and the more aspirational your north star, the greater is the need to develop your innovation capability, to reduce the risk inherent in the discovery and realisation of higher returns.