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How I help you innovate

The future is the result of the interaction of multiple complex systems, not a place arrived at solely through analysis of data created about the past. Predictive analytics are increasingly valuable, but it takes the uniquely human capabilities of imagination, argument and determination to create your organisation's future.

I employ a co-design approach and human centred design methods to build a clear understanding of the problem; uncover customer, employee and stakeholder insights across the ecosystem; stimulate ideation and enable rapid, iterative prototyping of solutions.

I combine this with expertise in trend interrogation to develop strategic foresight; an understanding of the strategic potential of new technologies to accelerate ideation and concept development; commercial acumen and analytical rigour to build data driven intelligence and evidence.

Co-design builds your innovation culture & capability

Leading innovators recognise innovation is a team sport.

I employ a co-design approach to work collaboratively alongside multi-disciplinary "agile / lean design" teams drawn from across your organisation, together with stakeholders and customers. I play the role of innovation coach and mentor, guiding you and your team as you strengthen your innovation capability at every stage from strategy to execution.

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Design methods develop human insight

Leading innovators deeply understand peoples' motivations.

I employ ethnographic research, human centred and ecosystem focused design methods to gain insights into the rapidly changing expectations of your customers, employees and stakeholders; to explore their most important problems and unmet needs; and focus invention on your highest potential opportunity areas.

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Trend interrogation develops strategic foresight

Leading innovators create rather than react to the future.

I employ scenario planning to challenge your assumptions about the present and the future; to understand the macro-trends impacting your operating environment; to identify the possible, plausible, probable and preferred futures for your organisation.

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New technologies offer strategic potential

Leading innovators explore the potential of new technologies.

I leverage the strategic potential of data, digital and a variety of 'fourth industrial revolution' technologies, to enable your team to envision and execute new business models, processes, value propositions, brand experiences and ventures along your journey to your North Star.

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Data builds intelligence and evidence

Leading innovators experiment and are guided by evidence, not intuition.

I employ analytics and commercial acumen to identify the optimal data required to inform the evaluation and iteration of new concepts; to develop the most appropriate innovation metrics with which to optimise the performance of your innovation portfolio; and the innovation capability of your organisation. 

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